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Nov 20, 2020 · With the rich industry experience in this domain, has helped us in offering a precision engineered range of injection moulding machine, plastic injection moulding machine, automatic injection moulding machine.Fast, reliable and highly efficient, our huge range of designs in Injection Moulding Machines, facilitate great adaptability.We are engaged in manufacturing the moulding machines

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Amrut Brothers Machinery Pvt Ltd is a company specialized in the manufacturing of vertical precision injection molding machine, horizontal LSR injection molding machine and horizontal double-color injection molding machine. It focuses on special injection machines and provides integrated solutions. Plastic Injection Moulding Machine - Plastic

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Basic Info: DP Series:850Ton Two Color Injection Molding Machine Model: HMD850DP Machine Technical Date: DESCRIPTION Unit HMD850DP INJECTION UNIT A B A B Shot volume cm3 398 491 491 594 Shot weight(PS) g 362 447 447 541 oz 12.8 15.8 15.8 19.1 Injection rate cm3/s 211 260 326 394 Screw diameter mm 45 50 50 55 Injection pressure Bar 2023 1638 1638 1354 Screw L:D ratio

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Basic Info: DP Series: 160Ton Two Color Injection Molding Machine Model: HMD160DP Machine Technical Date: DESCRIPTION Unit HMD160DP INJECTION UNIT A B A B Shot volume cm3 93 108 124 141 Shot weight(PS) g 85 98 113 128 oz 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 Injection rate cm3/s 55 63 73 83 Screw diameter mm 26 28 30 32 Injection pressure Bar 3130 2699 2351 2066 Screw L:D ratio L/D 20:1 20:1

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Our machines are constantly replacing European and Japanese injection molding machines. We have technical service and support across North America and have machines in inventory ready to ship. The LS Mtron injection molding machines are manufactured in South Korea, using quality South Korean steel, designed with longevity and consistency in mind.


Huarong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, based in Taiwan, is well-known for manufacturing safe, durable, suitable and pleasant thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic injection molding machine for the past 20 years, investing lots of resource in extreme precise injection molding machine research and development. With professional technical personnel and precise imported machine tools such for

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All in all, there are at least 4 color-mixing methods and process for injection molding. As mentioned before, color is definitely one of the biggest factors to consider when you want to add some flair to the products you aim to manufacture or distribute, which makes it a huge advantage for most molding companies to treasure and strive for.

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Masterbatched colors are also made by the resin supplier. A masterbatch can be bought in standard or custom colors but these plastic pellets are heavily pigmented, 50% color to 50% resin. They are not ready to injection mold as-is; rather, they must be mixed with uncolored plastic to achieve a ratio of 2% color by volume.

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Plastic Injection molding machine,also known as an injection press, is a machine for manufacturing plastic products by the injection molding process. It consists of two main parts, an injection unit and a clamping unit.Ecotrust Machinery as a professional supplier,to provide the integrate solution for your plastic injection processing.

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Graco Fluid Automation is a renowned innovator in equipment for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials. In addition to our cutting edge LSR meter mix and dispense equipment, Graco Fluid Automation provides a wide variety of LSR shutoff nozzles and color injectors with the unmatched accuracy of Graco Fluid Automation equipment. There are several nozzle tip styles and lengths to choose from

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Maguire Products Inc. Leading the Plastics Industry in: Weigh Scale Blenders, Liquid Color Pumps, Feeders, Dryers, Loaders, Conveying Equipment and Related Auxiliaries.

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We are engaged in offering our esteem clients with the finest quality of Multi Color Injection Molding Machine which brings together several colors or materials in a single mold to improve the design of the machine and functions of various plastic parts in the machines. Our cherished clients can avail these multi color injection molding machine with multi colored components parts that can be

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Plastic Injection Molding Machines. Introduction A plastic injection molding machine works to turn thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into all kinds of plastic products through moulds. It consists of an injection unit, a clamping unit, hydraulic driving system, control system, lubrication system, etc.

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3.1.2 Mixing a Master Batch Colorant With Natural Material (for very high volumes) Custom colors can also be mixed on the injection-molding machine. Two materials need to be mixed in order to create the final material: The master batch colorant and a natural material. The master batch is a pre-fabricated colorant. The natural material

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A molding process using the four-color molding machine thus constructed is carried out as follows: Initially, the molten resin mixing manifold 6 housing therewithin the arranging chamber 140, and attached to the stationary mold 8 having the cavity 9, and the injection units 10a through 10d, are heated by the aforementioned heaters to a suitable

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Process and machine for multi-color injection molding of plastic products having three-dimensional appearance of continuous or discontinuous multi-color patterns according to a preset program through injection of various kinds and/or colors of resins into a cavity, the resins being injected from at least three injection units, merged into and blended together in a molten resin mixing manifold.


Custom Injection Molding Machines Unmixed Two Color Injection Molding Machine(HXS Model) Mixed Two Color Injection Molding Machine(HXS/h Model) Thermoset Injection Molding Machine; Plastic Auxiliary Machines Plastic Hopper Dryer One Piece Complete Auto Loader Water Cooled Chiller Plastic Crusher Plastic Vertical Color Mixer Plastic Dehumidifier

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Ecotrust is a professional manufacturer and reliable supplier of injection molding machines, diecasting machines and punch press machine with advanced technology in China,has full R & D and Manufacturing capacity, exported to more than 39 countries and regions.

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Customized two mix color injection molding machine. Items: Parameter: Unit: SSF920-H: Injection Unit: Screw diameter : mm: A Color: B Color

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The injection molding machine injects the first material into the mould and the plastic takes the shape. After the mould is open, the movable rotary mould platen turns around with the other work pieces by 180° then the machine makes the second injection after the injection nozzles is directed at the cavities of the mould and the mould is closed, and then finally takes shape; Or the first

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2 days ago · Two-Color Injection Molding Machine Market forecast to 2025. The Global Two-Color Injection Molding Machine Market report provides information about the Global industry, including valuable facts and figures.

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2 days ago · The Global Two-Color Injection Molding Machine Market report provides information about the Global industry, including valuable facts and figures. This research study explores the Global Market in detail such as industry chain structures, raw material suppliers, with manufacturing The Two-Color

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Injection molding machine (PP, PE, ABS, Polystyrene), closing force 500t. Universal Injection Molding Machine (PP, PE, ABS, Polystyrene). Injection volume 2303cm3, closing force 500t, the distance between the columns is 830x830. 2004 onwards Condition: Good Saving compared to new over 50%