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Your Global Resource for Used Injection Molding Machines Equipment in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. With our global reach and network, we are the #1 resource for all of your company's injection molding machine requirements. Our logistical expertise and international presence ensures that your equipment can be safely transported, setup and serviced anywhere in the world.

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Collaborative robots are ideal for injection molding applications. In fact, injection molding applications can see even higher productivity gains than other types of machine tending operations because of the amount of time the process requires.

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For Sale - Robots for Injection Molding Machines. List Grid Small Robots. We offers the speedy 4-axis SCARAs and the flexible 6-axis jointed-arm robots. These are compact, space-saving robots from our company and are among the fastest and most reliable robots i used robots for injection molding machines .. AIE 3180:-Contact Supplier

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Capacity: 240 Tons. Shot Size: 5oz. (Main) / 3oz. (Side) Tie Bar Spacing: Tiebarless. Clamp Stroke: 29.8". Rotary Platen Size: 38" (Diameter) Material Ran: PP. Control: EC200. Includes: Robot Interface Request quote FULL DETAILS Available: 1 11489 Multitech C55SD-GII (2007) Vertical 0-100 Tons US

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Used Injection Molding Machines. EquipNet is the worlds leading provider of used injection molding machines and numerous other used machinery. Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used injection molding machines from a number of respected OEMS, including Cincinnati Milacron, Engel, Ferromatik Milacron and many others.

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Due to the high quality and precision of the machine, plastic injection molders can be quite expensive. With Exapro, you can find used injection moulding machine for sale at an affordable price. You can also sell your used machinery with Exapro. Please contact an Exapro agent if you have further questions about our marketplace.

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Exapro regroups some of the most important manufacturers in injection moulding machines such as Sepro robots , Arburg Robots, Wittmann robot. The current catalogue has more than 30

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Jul 01, 2019 · Cartesian robots have clear definitions of industry-standard interfaces between the robot and injection machine. Be it E67, E12, SPI or others, Cartesian robots used in this industry are all set up to adapt and connect easily to a molding machine. Articulated robots may not be as easily connectable to an injection press.

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Nov 26, 2020 · Productivity 3-Axis Cartesian robot; Due to their high-speed processes, they are usually used for horizontal plastic injection used robots for injection molding machines 6-Axis Articulated robot; This injection molding robot is usually used for both the vertical and horizontal injection used robots for injection molding machines 6-Axis Collaborative robot; The 6-axis

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Used Equipment. Constantly changing inventory of used and refurbished injection molding machines, robots and auxiliary equipment. All used machines are owned by En-plas Inc. We do not re-sell other dealers equipment.

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Jun 26, 2020 · The latest technology sprue picker robots are used for the fast removal of the sprue or runner from the plastic injection molding machine. The robot will also place the materials into the granulator for further recycling. Application of Robotics in Post Processing Robotics also play a significant role in plastic injection molding post-processing.

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RobotWorx robots are extremely versatile. One robot can be used to man multiple injection molding machines, performing tasks such as loading, unloading, palletizing, stacking, lifting, etc. and can accommodate a variety of part sizes with ease. RobotWorx offers new and refurbished injection molding robots made by Motoman, FANUC, ABB and KUKA.

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Servo Sprue Pickers are used for sprue removal in injection molding. Whatever the type, robots are being increasingly used as an option for injection molding. They are the future of the process. RobotWorx remains competitive by providing various new and used, but reconditioned, robots for customers to choose from. Contact us today at 740-251-4312.

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A collaborative robot can be used to tend machines such as CNC, injection molding, press brakes, stamping presses and more to free employees for more valuable tasks. Improve speed and process quality while reducing the risk of injury associated with working in close proximity to heavy machinery.

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Wittmann Sprue Picker Robots. W802 Sprue Picker: For the removal of sprues and parts from an injection molding machine. The solid construction allows

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Servo sprue pickers are simple pick-and-place robotic devices used for sprue removal or part and runner separation in plastic injection molding automation. Servo sprue pickers range in size to fit 15 to 300 ton plasitic injection molding machines. The X, Y, and Z axis are all servo driven for maximum flexibility and programmability.

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2003 720 Ton Toshiba, 126 oz. Injection Molding Machine 2014 55 Ton Arburg, 1.65 oz. Vertical Injection Molding Machine 1997 400 Ton Van Dorn, 30 oz. Injection Molding Machine


Robots. HOT RUNNER . Dryers. Chillers. GRANULATORS. CONvEYORS. TCU Water/Oil. Your whole business rides on making the right choices when procuring new or used injection molding equipment. We have best-customer relationships with the leading manufacturers and unrivalled familiarity with every brand and most models in the industry. Allow us to

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Used Injection Molding Machines & Plastics Auxiliary Equipment. The number one dealer for all used injection molding machines and plastics equipment. We stock all sizes and tonnage as well as a full inventory of chillers, loaders, granulators, blenders and more!

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An injection molding machine, which is also known as injection moulding machine or injection press; is a machine for the manufacturing of plastic products by the injection molding processes.There are four classifications of injection molding machines, all of which PlastWin employees are experts on.

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Robots for injection molding 11. Robot Kuka Kr 150 L110-2 K 2000. Year: 2005. Location: Slovakia. Price on request. 6. ABB IRB2400 M2000. Witmann Robot W732-0405 To Injection Molding Machine. Hyundai SPE-350. CBW Retreval / Stacking Robot SSE-500.

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Used Robot for Injection Moulding machines for sale. At MachinePoint we have the greatest selection of used Robot machines in excellent condition. Check their technical specifications now. Robot Sepro, Nachi, Abb, Dal Maschio, Star Automation. Used Injection Moulding Machine. Ancillary Equipment.

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Injection Molding Robots - 3 axis servo robots (up to 6,000ton), side entry robots (up to 1,000ton), sprue pickers (up to 500ton) and hybrid robots (up to 500ton).